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About Company

Underground mining is a challenging environment.

There are perennial problems which can now be better managed due to technological advancements.

Azimble aims to bring out of the box ideas and technologies to the market and challenge the status quo through innovation. Starting from humble beginnings, Azimble plans to grow its offerings as the business grows and provide realistic, technology-driven solutions to the underground mining industry. The aim is to create something new and different, to not settle for the standard systems, and improvise day-to-day operations whilst making the job easier for the miners.

Azimble is backed by a visionary approach that incorporates modern-day technology into conventional systems to make it much more efficient, useful, and innovative for use.

About the Owner/Founder

Azimble’s founder, Bradley has 25 years of operational underground experience and a keen interest in improving how the technicalities are catered for, in the best way possible. Not settling for off the shelf solutions, Brad has a history of modifying things to improve their functionality as well as designing new and innovative solutions to resolve problems that are encountered on a daily basis. This is what inspired Brad to establish Azimble- to utilise his expertise and knowledge in the field of technology and contribute to make underground mining, a bit less challenging.

Some of the previously completed personal projects are as follows:


Remote isolation of residential mains water. There was a need to be able to isolate the residential mains water in the event of an emergency, to avoid flooding. Brad sourced the individual components and installed the system design with a custom low voltage remote isolation of the mains water, using an electrical ball valve.


Solar powered pool filtration. Brad sourced and installed four solar panels and a DC brushless pool pump to filter/clean a 45000 litres of residential pool all free from the sun.


A 12v electrical system in 3.8m dinghy including navigation lights, charge system, lighter socket and battery monitoring. Parts were sourced and installed for a fully functional electrical system in a dinghy. This included a live well, built to store live fish. Such innovations in a dinghy are not commonly done, and this drive to make things better than the standard is what helps Azimble stand out.


40cm black bream caught on homemade lures. Brad learned how to fish for bream on lures then learnt to make lures. Finally achieving a PB trophy bream in the Canning river of 40 cms on his homemade lure.


Garden retic valves in a gang manifold. Brad designed and built an easy to find and replace retic solenoid station system, alleviating the problem of buried solenoid valves.

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