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Decline Dust Suppression System

Fully automated portable solenoid valve and manual controller with two installation options.

1. Pre-made 25 mm poly spray-lines with nozzles installed at custom nozzle intervals. (Recommended 13 m spacing).

2. Client installed kits – includes 15 T-Pieces and nozzles and Valve with manual controller.

Designed to be installed on the backs of decline in a gravity feed automated system.

Features of Valve and Controller

  • Non blocking diaphragm valve with internal filtration
  • Easy clean diaphragm flush
  • 15 bar static pressure rating
  • Portable
  • Quick install and replacement utilising Minsup snap-on fittings
  • Long life battery technology
  • 2x 9V batteries
  • IP 68 rating (3m submersible and dust proof)

Areas where mobile machinery travels on the rock-based roadways generate dust. This dust becomes airborne and travels though the mine into the workings. Dust mitigation is important for safety and minimising the impact on air-quality.

As dust is a hazard to mining workers’ health, it certainly needs to be managed on priority.

Traditional methods of dust management include:

Water carts – a method that is highly inefficient and costly due to machinery maintenance costs and labour to operate and dry out quickly.

Water soluble binders – that are costly to apply, need reapplying and can become dangerously slippery when they become wet post application.

Solution: Overhead gravity feeds water suppression that runs on mine raw water and is fully automated.


  • Pre-made spray lines – 200m of PN 12.5 x 25mm poly @ 15 nozzles.
  • DIY kit – inc Valve, Manual controller, Tees with nozzles installed. (15 nozzles)
  • Manually programmed controller.
  • Bluetooth Programmed controller includes a free app.
  • In-line high flow particulate filter.
  • Replacement diaphragms available
  • Manual bypass tap.

Ramp and Roadway Dust Suppression

Fully automated pressure or gravity feed watering system including Insitu valve and controller with piping and sprinklers that runs along the side of the road to help reduce airborne dust that may have an adverse effect on the environment.


  • Manual Controller
  • Bluetooth Controller
  • Solar battery charger
  • Rain sensor
water spring
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